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Why should you visit a Gynaecologist?

Gynecologists are the medical experts who treat a range of gynaecological issues. They are specialized in managing and treating conditions and diseases like pregnancy, infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, pain during urination, missed period, delayed period, ovarian cyst, and many more. They also help you with your queries and doubts of sex-related issues. On experiencing these conditions or diseases you are highly recommended to consult the best gynecologist to prevent future complications.

When should you visit a Gynaecologist?

There are innumerable reasons when you must visit a Gynaecologist without a second thought. Right from experiencing changes in the body during puberty to having your first period to experiencing pregnancy, you are recommended to visit a Gynaecologist. You are also advised to consult a lady doctor if you have injured your pelvic area or have been exposed to an infectious disease or you are experiencing frequent urination, burning sensation while urinating, and irregularity in periods etc.

What are the screening tests performed by the Gynaecologist?

A gynecologist performs a list of screening tests based on your symptoms and health condition. Some of the screening tests for gynaecological issues include pelvic examination, breast examination, body mass index measurement, blood sample test, urine sample test, mammography, colonoscopy, blood pressure monitoring etc.

What is a mammogram test?

Mammogram test is an X-ray test used to diagnose breast cancer. This screening test helps diagnose cancer at an early stage even before the symptoms begin to occur. Early screening helps in early detection of the disease which in result increases the chances of survival. Women above 40 are highly recommended to go for mammogram screening to ensure themselves safe from breast cancer. Women under the age 40 are also suggested to go for screening on experiencing abnormal changes in the breast, abnormal discharge, presence of lumps or having the family history of breast cancer.

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