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As we move towards a digital India, it's important that the
healthcare industry avails the benefits of this digital


“Medishala is a Healthtech Company focused on integrating technology with healthcare services and medicines to offer advanced healthcare solutions to the rural and untapped population. It is the initiative of young professionals to bring the eminent doctors of different departments to a single- point center to let rural communities connect with them. Medishala team values the human right to healthcare services for personal health management and wellness. Therefore, they have proficiently introduced innovative digital solutions like Medishala EMR, Digital clinic, and telehealth facilities to boost the connectivity and collaboration between rural patients and their selected medical practitioners.

Our Mission: To catalyze healthcare services in rural areas by integrating technology and innovation. As a rural health innovation and technology leader, Medishala works to break the pastoral barriers and Humanize healthcare with its digital healthcare solution.

Our vision: Medishala team aims to help rural communities to get the highest quality of healthcare services every day at an affordable cost. We have developed innovative and convenient solutions for healthcare service automation, clinical setups, and rural patient management.

Challenges faced by rural and untapped people.

  • Problems due to distance and transportation
  • Shortage of competent healthcare professionals
  • Absence of adequate health care coverage source
  • Some sorts of social stigma and privacy.
  • Inadequate availability of medicines or medical stores

Medishala healthcare solutions for rural and untapped people

Digital clinic: It is part of telehealth services and works effectively on IoT-enabled devices to allow patients to connect to doctors through video conferencing. It offers the platform for personalized healthcare services to untapped and rural patients. Medishala digital clinic serves as the dynamic solution to streamline the connectivity at an affordable cost.

  • Help expand the reach of healthcare professionals.
  • Offer facility for regular monitoring of disease symptoms.
  • Direct, quick, and shared access to health status.
  • Reduces inefficiencies.
  • Quality healthcare services through enhanced clinician-patient engagement.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Make healthcare services more personalized for untapped patients.
Medishala Heathcare

One Platform. Multiple Solutions

The Medishala App makes it easy for patients to achieve physician-patient communication and on-demand care. Improve end-to-end patient engagement and aggregate health records from providers to create a holistic view of your health.

  •   Book doctor appointments
  •   Consult specialists online
  •   Receive notifications and reminders
  •   Store patient-generated data
  •   Access health videos, tips and more

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