EMR: Incredible Way to Improve Healthcare Services

19 Jul,2022 25 min read
EMR: Incredible Way to Improve Healthcare Services

The use of state-of-art technologies across different industries has introduced unparalleled quality in their core services. Therefore, you can observe that the medical industry is no exception at all. Numerous health organizations have included telehealth and EMR facilities to enable rural folks to access their healthcare services effortlessly. 


However, the technology never ends up going beyond what you need. This article is our little effort to make you aware of innovative solutions like EMR or electronic medical record services and telehealth systems. 


We at Medishala value the life of each people and hence are involved in improving healthcare quality through our innovative approach. We have a complete setup of EMR integrated with our telehealth solution to provide our clientele with a terrific Electonic Medical Record. Medishala team aims at making your healthcare services highly efficient for your patients. 


How does Medishala EMR help you improve your patient care?


The foremost aspect you need to realize is the significance of the EMR or electronic medical records. It is nothing else but an effortless technique to store the medical data of all kinds of a patient securely. It is crucial for delivering the appropriate healthcare services for patients’ speedy recovery. Apart from these, we stay focused on creating a flawless and organized clinic management system for your growth.

With the help of Medishala EMR, You can easily store well-structured data related to all patients’ health. EMR is the best way to track present and past medical records such as a patient's vital signs, medications, vaccinations, surgeries, family history, and contraindications.

EMR: Why you should opt for it?


Having error-free medical records of patients are the most critical aspect. Thus, the efficient utilization of EMR has proved to be the key factor for both patients and healthcare organizations. It empowers healthcare organizations to improve their service efficiency along with improving service quality. EMR is the system that provides them with precise medical data. It also enables healthcare staff to maintain uninterrupted coordination with their patients apart from boostingthesafety and security of all medical records. 


Significant perks of the EMR:


Electronic medical records or EMRs are offering multiple benefits for improvements in healthcare services. Thus, you can say that it is the most imperative aspect for the growth and reliability of your healthcare services in the market. Some of the considerable benefits of EMR are:


  • Help you standardize your workflow and maintain data of those patients who avail of your healthcare services.
  • Enable you to receive important reminders and alerts for impeccable management of your medical facilities.
  • Assist you to maintain hassle-free communication with your patients.
  • Let you avoid duplicate test as EMR help you stay updated with your patient’s recent diagnosis reports.
  • Allow you to reduce the operational costs by creating a storage facility for patients' data in one place.



Why do rural communities face patient care challenges?


Patient care challenges are a big threat to human society. However, you can experience the worst condition in the rural areas. Various factors are giving space for the intensive development of the patient care challenges. Some of them are:

  • Troubles due to distance and transportation.
  • Shortage of competent healthcare professionals.
  • Absence of adequate health care coverage source.
  • Some sorts of social stigma and privacy.

How Medishala is working to make the patient care facilities easily available in rural areas?


Medishala believes in transforming the healthcare experience for its clients. The company has developed the facility of the Digital clinic which can be easily accessed by rural communities.  It is the core effort of the Medishala team to make healthcare consultation facilities available to each people of rural communities. Apart from these, the company has successfully introduced the Medishala app solution to help rural communities ask for medical prescriptions immediately if requirements come.  The mobile app also empowers users to book appointments with their selected doctor at their convenience.

Final words:


Like other healthcare organizations, you may include the EMR and telehealth system by taking the above-stated pointers into view. The shift of medical organizations towards innovations has led to the necessity for customer-centric technologies. 


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