Reasons Reception Staff should use Clinic Management System

20 Jul,2022 18 min read
Reasons Reception Staff should use Clinic Management System
Individual medical practitioners typically start using a EMR in practice. However, many doctors tend to practice all by themselves, without involving the staff.

Typical reasons why staff is not involved to be a part of clinic management system are:

  1. Lack of skills: This is the number 1 reason why Doctors think their staff will be unable to handle the system. In developing countries, not all staff are computer literate. That is the prime reason for hesitation to onboard them on to a clinic management system.
  2. Lack of space: Many medical clinics do not have enough space at reception to keep a computerized system.

However, we now provide compelling reasons why Doctors ought to rethink and how the above mentioned issues can be sorted out with options provided by Medishala EMR 

So let’s first see the 5 Reasons why Reception staff should use a Clinic Management System:

  1. Ease of use: Gone are the days when EMR were complicated stuff to use and update. These days, the staff is much tech savvy than the earlier times and the systems have improved further as well. So Lack of skills of Reception staff is no more an issue based on our experience with Doctors who use Medishala EMR software along with Reception staff. This addresses our point # 1 above.
  2. Modern clinic: Imagine a patient walking in your clinic. Your staff walks up to the patient and fills his registration details on a tablet. This creates a wow factor in the mind of patient, then and there. With the use of software systems, you certainly project a modern image of your clinic which relies on systems to function properly and efficiently. Yes, you can now have the clinic tasks handled using a Smartphone / Tablet / PC. Even if you do not have enough space for a Desktop PC at reception, a tablet based system can still work. This addressed our point #2 above.
  3. Sharing of workload: Doctors are busy people. Reception staff can help Doctors with
    1. Patient Registration: Simple tasks of entering patients, their date of birth or age, address etc. is similar to creating a phone book contact. Everybody who uses a smartphone is pretty much aware of creating a new contact in a phone book. This simple task can be easily delegated by the Doctors to their Reception staff.
    2. Entering Vitals: Basic vital entry of patient like Height, Weight, SPO2, Temperature, Blood Pressure can be entered at the Reception desk, thereby saving time of Doctor and patient.
    3. Scanning Reports: Medical Reports got by patient can be handled scanned and entered by the staff in the system. Doctor can later just review the reports attached to the case.
  4. Create Queue of Waiting Patients: When the Doctor practices all by himself, it is not possible to know the number of people waiting outside. When reception staff gets involved, they can create a queue of waiting patients. Doctors view this queue in their system and know current patient count in the clinic. This also helps Doctors to divide time efficiently between the available patients. Plus, there is no confusion in the order of patients to visit the Doctor.
  5. Handle Billing: How many times have we seen the reception staff going in the Doctors chamber to just ask the Doctor how much the patient should be paying for this consultation? Many clinics have a intercom where after each consultation the reception staff rings the Doctor’s chamber to know the fee to be taken. Such a clinic looks so old-fashioned. In today’s modern world, their is no need to speak and ask. Things should just work silently with the help of software systems. When the Doctor enters the charge, the same should be reflected at staff end so that the patient can pay for it.


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